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JDGT Cake Tray Forming Machine


 JDGT Cake Tray Forming Machine

The cake tray forming machine is equipped with a mechanical hand to perform a series of tasks including, paper clipping, paper feeding, paper separating, punching and discharging, etc. Different sized cake trays can be formed by changing the molds. The auto temperature controller is designed to regulate the heating temperature. Our cake tray forming machine features simple structure, high efficiency, strong stability and easy manipulation.

Technical Specifications
Model JDGT
Paper Size Ф55-Ф130mm
Raw Material Oil-protect paper 30-40g/m2
Capacity 15-20 pcs/time 20-40 times/min.
Power Source 380V/50Hz (it can be changed according to specific customer requirements)
Total Power 2.5kW (Motor: 1.5kW Heating: 1 kW)
Air Source Working pressure 0.6MPa Air volume 0.3m3/min
Weight 500kg
Package Size 1500×1300×1400mm

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