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Paper Bowl Machine

    1. JBZ-30D Middle Speed Paper Cup (Bowl) Forming Machine Based on ordinary paper cup making machine, our JBZ-30D middle speed paper cup or bowl forming machine is improved on its mechanical strength and stability effectively. Through silicon oil lubricating, bottom punching, heating, knurling, curling and cup discharging, this paper bowl forming machine is able to make drink cup with single or double side PE coating, ice cream cup and other tapered containers.
    1. JBZ-60D Middle Speed Paper Cup (Bowl) Forming Machine Our JBZ-60D middle speed paper cup (bowl) forming machine is updated from the common paper cup making machine for excellent overall performance and outstanding stability. The paper bowl machinery is designed with the function of oil lubricating, bottom punching, heating, knurling, curling, and discharging.
    1. JBZ-D30/DZ Paper Bowl Forming Machine Our paper bowl forming machine is developed and manufactured based on the latest Korean paper bowl machine. It is a perfect tool for making bowls with large capacity and a wide mouth, such as an instant noodle bowl.

Sini is a China paper bowl machine manufacturer and supplier. We offer paper bowl machine, and paper cup sleeve machine, die cutting machine, paper plate machine, cake tray forming machine. Our high quality products are offered at competitive prices. Sini is located in China, and the full chain of manufacturing automatic plastic thermoforming machine, paper cup machine can be completed in China, even in one city. Lower manufacturing cost saves your purchasing cost. The more details of each product are shown on the page with description.

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