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JCQ850 High Speed Punching Machine


 JCQ850 High Speed Punching Machine

Using automatic die-cutting technology, this high speed punching machine can perform direct paper punching through rolled paper cutting, die cutting and waste clearing. By eliminating the conventional slitting procedure, it greatly saves energy consumption, labor cost and work intensity. Our high speed punching machine is equipped with a PLC micro electronic control system to ensure high efficiency and precise operation. A built-in LCD visual man-machine interface displays working conditions and faults. This punching machine features a photoelectric tracing system which guarantees smooth paper feeding, precise positioning and orderly paper collection. With excellent performance, this machine is an ideal punching tool for disposable paper bowls and paper cups.

Machine Working Condition
Operating Temperature: -1-35℃
Relative Air Humidity: Less than 85%
Fluctuation in Power Supply and Voltage: Within ±10%
Surrounding Condition: Keep away from flammable and corrosive materials and avoid violent shock.

Technical Specifications
Model JCQ850
Cutting Style Punching style (for rolled paper)
Cutting Speed 150-260times /min.
Raw Paper Material Specifications 125-350g/㎡roll paper, width range: 360-850mm
Diameter of Roll Paper < 1.5m
Paper Feeding Speed >35m/min.
Compressed Air 0.2m3/min., 0.5MPa
Length of Guide Roll Surface 950mm
Main Power 4kW
Total Power 8.5kW
Weight 3T
Main Size (L×W×H) 2900mm×1400mm×1700mm
Electrical Box Size (L×W×H) 700mm×700mm×1350mm

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