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JBZ-30D Middle Speed Paper Cup (Bowl) Forming Machine


 JBZ-30D Middle Speed Paper Cup (Bowl) Forming Machine

Based on ordinary paper cup making machine, our JBZ-30D middle speed paper cup or bowl forming machine is improved on its mechanical strength and stability effectively. Through silicon oil lubricating, bottom punching, heating, knurling, curling and cup discharging, this paper bowl forming machine is able to make drink cup with single or double side PE coating, ice cream cup and other tapered containers.

Equipped with hot blowing device and high speed precise cam indexing unit, our middle speed paper cup forming machine features high precision, reliability and other strong points. Our paper bowl machine is the first upgrading choice in the paper cup manufacturing industry.

Technical Specifications
Model JBZ-30D
Cup size 20-50OZ
Outer diameter of bowl mouth: ф100mm-ф145mm
Height: 60-110mm
Uni-president 1100, 980
Master Kong 998, 460, etc.
Output 50-65pcs/min
Main motor power 2.2kw
Heating power 8kw
Total power 15kw
Air source 0.4m³/min, 0.5MPa
Raw material 190-350g/m² (single or double side PE coated paper)
Weight 3000kg
Dimension 2300×1550×1650mm
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